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I use this journal to post my graphics (icons, headers, banners...) and that kind of things. So don't expect to read boring rambling posts about my life here (even if you can ask anything you want, of course!). Some of my material is shounen ai/yaoi (I love to colour manga scans, some of them from my favourite boys love mangakas), but I don't think there will be something more graphic than just a few male/male kisses or so (:sight:)!! I use the nickname Calisto on the net as well: for example in HarryLatino.org (a Harry Potter forum in Spanish) or in Dragon Cave. Oh! And I'm spanish! So bear a bit with my poor English!!

Credits to me are not necesary... but it'd be nice if you do so! And it might be helpful to people who might like my graphics (I hope!) to find my journal too... ♥!


Namie Amuro - Vidal Sassoon Layout made by arwenchan / komorebii.
♥ Header image from xxxHolic by Clamp.
♥ Textures used for the header & background layout by:
Crazykira-resources, Sevtex & aoi_sama896 / j_k_icons.

♥ Profile image from Honey Comb by Kazuya Minekura from Salty Dog IV Artbook.
♥ Profile code by fruitstyle.
♥ Textures used for the profile by Masterjinn & Crazykira-resources.

♥ Resources post image by Rain.
♥ Textures used for resources post image & background by:
Crazykira-resources & aoi_sama896 / j_k_icons.

Gyakuten Saiban / Phoenix Wright [Mood Theme] by mykaa


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